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Pool heating

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    Electric and gas pool heating on the Central Coast

    Having the correct pool heating installed helps to ensure that your swimming pools stay warm throughout the year. In the cooler months, swimming can seem less appealing, but the proper pool heating keeps your swimming pools comfortable and enjoyable to use.

    Regardless of how long you’ve owned your swimming pool on the Central Coast and the Hunter region, Solar Services can install pool heating to suit your needs in Woy Woy, Terrigal, Gosford, Erina, The Entrance, Wyong and Toukley.

    We appreciate that choosing the right pool heating can seem confusing, which is why our experts on the Central Coast guide you through all your available options. Whether you choose electric or gas, we make the selection process easier.

    Electric heat pumps

    Electric heat pumps are a sound investment and a most efficient form of pool heating. They tend to cost more and last longer than gas pool heating, but generally have much lower annual operating costs. This means that you could save money in the long run, as long as you keep your electric pool heating properly maintained.

    The size, costs and efficiency need to be taken into consideration when selecting electric heat pumps. Solar Services can come to your homes on the Central Coast and the Hunter region to analyse your swimming pools and find the perfect solution for your needs. 

    Gas-fired pool heaters

    Even though gas-fired heaters are still the most popular system for heating pools, they aren’t as energy efficient as electric heat pumps and solar pool heating systems. However, they work very well regardless of climate and can heat water more quickly than alternatives. Again, you need to consider pool size, efficiency and costs, and determine how often you really use your swimming pool.

    Gas-fired pool heaters are a great choice for those of you who don’t use your pool on a regular basis. Here at Solar Services, we offer honest advice and can help you decide if a gas-fired pool heater is ideal for your situation.    

    Daisy Pool Covers

    Not only can Solar Services help you to heat your swimming pool, we also bring you the best pool covers in Australia. We supply and install pool covers from Daisy, which are specially designed, tested and manufactured on our home turf.

    All Daisy pool covers are made using the world’s most advanced technology and ensure maximum durability and effectiveness. These high-performance products last years longer than less innovative alternatives and come with fantastic warranties. 

    Call us today on 02 4367 6223 for more information about our quality pool heating solutions!

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