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Solar pool heating

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    Professional Solar Pool Heating on the Central Coast

    If you want to keep your pool warm and inviting all year round, solar pool heating is a cost-effective and eco-conscious solution. In fact, solar pool heating costs less than any other type of pool water heating on the market. We have a range of solar pool heating systems suitable for any type of swimming pool. Solar Services supplies and installs swimming pool heating equipment for pools on the Central Coast, including Woy Woy, Terrigal, Gosford, Erina, The Entrance, Wyong and Toukley.

    Not only do we help to extend your swimming season, but can also provide you with a range of high-quality swimming pool accessories. 

    Why have solar pool heating?

    Gas-fired gas pumps and electric heat pumps have been a popular form of pool heating for many years. Even though both types are efficient, and work regardless of climate, they still can’t match solar pool heating systems. Not only will you be investing in the most environmentally friendly option, solar pool heating can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Pool covers and blankets

    Solar Services on the Central Coast can help you to keep that warm water firmly in your pool. Investing in solar pool heating is undoubtedly a great choice, but you can also benefit from minimising water consumption and maintenance when using a reliable pool blanket.

    Pool covers and blankets reduce water evaporation, chemical loss and heat loss, and help to prevent dirt and debris entering your pool. Solar Services has an impressive range of solar pool covers and blankets that are chemical-resistant, and keep your pool warm whenever you want to swim.

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    Call us today on 02 4367 6223 to find out more about our impressive solar pool heating!

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