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Zane Solar

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    Zane Solar on the Central Coast

    We supply and install Zane solar pool heating systems on the Central Coast and the Hunter region. Zane absorbs the sun's heat and transfers it to your swimming pool. Our Zane products include:

    Panels designed for solar pool heating on the Central Coast

    Zane Gulfpanel

    • Modular one-piece solar panels
    • Outstanding heat transfer properties
    • Exceptional durability and UV stabilised
    • Impervious to attacks from birds and wildlife
    • Keeping your pool warmer for longer
    • Independent or Integrated system
    solar services zane gulf stream

    Zane Gulfstream

    • Custom built to the shape of your roof
    • Maximum heat gain
    • Long life UV stabilised
    • Keeping your pool warmer for longer
    • Independent or integrated systems
    • Practically invisible on your roof

    Call us today on 02 4367 6223 to find out more about our impressive solar pool heating!

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